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Dr. Carole Altman is a award winning author and therapist whose career spans 35 years and thousands of clients. She is a regular guest speaker for various media programs and is an accomplished author.

A pioneer in long distance therapy, Dr. Altman offers help for your personal issues. [ read more ]


Individual Therapy - Dr Carole will address your concerns with easy to follow constructive ideas.

Relationship Therapy - Learn to listen and communicate effectively with each other.

Email / Telephone Therapy - Dr Carole Altman will personally telephone you at a time convenient to you. The topic of the telephone call will be defined by your needs. Discretion, trust and sensitivity are guaranteed.

Lectures and Workshops for Universities, Corporations, and Organizations - Stress Management, Self Esteem, Communication, Motivation, Attitude Adjustment, Relationship Enhancement and more.  Dr. Carole Altman has been successfully received with her experiencial and fun successful ideas and techniques.


Relationship Therapy

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